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No Matter The Party Or Event, Let Bruce E. Carr (No Ordinary Balloon Man) Make It Special With His Brand Of Entertainment!


Parties, Events and Services:

I have a host of balloons, costumes and party packages to level-up any size event! Whether you want an entertainer to make small or large stylized sculptures for any sized events, elaborate customized themed balloon displays, and decor, select costumed characters or even to have me perform in a larger than life balloon costume, then I am the not so ordinary balloon man for the job!


I regularly fabricate balloons for restaurants such as Chili’s and Orlando Ale House with the company Twisted Artz, if you wish to use me to entertain your guests then contact Twisted Artz 863-521-1000! I have over three years experience making balloons for restaurants and I not only can entertain your patrons but make them want to come back for your restaurant just to see me. I also make balloon logos to bring your logo to life in 3D in a way that catches the interest of potential restaurant guests. Through my company, I am also a free service; all I ask for in return is a discount on the various meals. If you would like these balloons and many more made for your restaurant then call up Jonathan at Twisted Artz to have me make dinning amusing for your patrons!

Corporate Events and Conventions:

I have an absolute love of doing events where I am able to create balloon art to simultaneously dazzle guests of conventions and promote your unique brand to potential cliental. I can come to any event, just call for an individual price quote so that I may work with your budget and time necessary for your event.

Coming Soon: Cretaceous Creations-An Educational Dinosaur Journey!

I am currently in the process of writing and creating an educational show for schools, libraries, and special events. It is called Cretaceous Creations and in it I will teach guests of all ages about various, amazing, extinct dinosaurs through the use of elaborate balloon art. It will be highly guest- interactive, having a strong conservation message and will also be available for parties and events as well. I will be keeping everyone up to date on the date when it will be finished! Hope you all have a mammoth of a day!

Themed Events

01.Balloon Man X

A popular Video icon that has been revamped into a balloon hero, Balloon Man X! This full body balloon suit is the perfect addition to any anime or video game themed party or convention.


Ahoy me hardies, for ye lovers of looting and pillaging and knowledge of all things pirates, this be ye party! As Calico Jack Rackham, a real pirate who lived during the 17th century, I shall not only entertain with ornate balloon sculptures (even some aarrrrsome pirate related balloons) but tell pirate jokes, fun pirate facts, and even teach land lobbers some basic fencing via balloon art!

03.Super Mario Italian Brothers

Do you need your kingdom or party saved from boredom? Then look no further than either a green or red Italian brother to bring a bit of mushroom power to your party! These popular video game characters are perfect for any fan of video games no matter what age.


Attention fellow archeologist and dinosaur hunters, I am Professor Bruce here to introduce you to the world of prehistoric animals in balloon form! As a paleontologist and master of balloonology I can educate potential junior paleontologists of the fascinating world of ancient animals including dinosaurs and ice age mammals through fun facts, interactive games, and a message of conservation! I will make your party a mammoth of a time!

05.Medieval Jester

Hear ye, hear ye! For medieval parties, celebrations, and princess parties, there is no better court fool than Sir Laughsalot the Knighted Jester! Full of knowledge of medieval lore and fun feudal games this Jester is the perfect addition to your festival!   

>06.Balloon Force Master

A long time ago at at a party not so far away… Balloon Force Master Bruce introduced young trainees to the fun side of the force through elaborate balloon sculptures and balloon saber lessons! May the balloon be with you!